Time to pull out the big guns baby!

February has been really difficult.  In spite of it’s status as the shortest month this little guy has really been giving me an ass kicking thus far.  (Although in defense of poor February, who I thought of quite fondly up until this year, I think that any month that starts with a drop kick to the heart wouldn’t be my favourite no matter the number of days…)

Today in particular sucked.  It sucked initially merely because it was Thursday and not Saturday.  I woke up this morning elated that it was Saturday and I could sleep in (um, not so much).  I got to work and my laptop is completely dead (scary black screen of doom).  Throughtout the day I didn’t leave the office for a minute I was so busy  and now we are in the middle of an insane blizzard.  I’d call a do-over if it didn’t mean extending an already looooooong week…

In honour of my craptastic start to the day I decided I needed to pull out the big guns.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than these boots.  OK well admittedly there are many things that make me happier than these boots, but I wasn’t wearing any of them on my feet today.

Oh hello lovelies…

Fluevog Operetta Maria in cherry red *sigh*

 And now for a close-up…

Fluevog Operetta Maria detail

Seriously, who could be depressed in these boots?  I mean the sole itself says “your love makes me sing” on the bottom.  Who could ask for more?  They are like instant happiness, a big fat dose of amor, a smile for my heart and damn they are comfortable.  When the day is awful and things need to change, nothing beats these show stoppers!!!

Tomorrow is Friday and then I’m on holidays.  I am ever so grateful that I have enough Fluevogs to carry me through the next 24 hours..

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