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The Habit of Writing… the Writing of Habits…

So since Jan 1, 2015 I have been religiously writing in my journal every night before bed.  My goal was to create a habit of daily writing which has been very successful in my journal, but completely unsuccessful in my blog.  Boo.  Time to change this!

Since December 2014 I have been on a mission to purge my entire life.  I became a bit insane after reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I’ve been a purging machine.  I’ve actually read the book now 3 times and it continues to inspire me each time I read it!  So to update I have purged and donated approximately 20 full garbage bags of useable items – clothing, bedding, etc. and a whole bunch of boxes of dishes, knick-knacks, and general household stuff.  I organized the basement, assembled some storage wardrobes and have pretty much wrestled the clutter into submission.  I’m still working on the spare room/office/sewing room.  I still have too many books and “things” stuffed into the closet and bookshelves, but I lack the energy/desire to make more purging decisions for the time being.

I’m still contemplating what art to put back up on the walls and where.  In the meantime I’m kind of enjoying the house looking fairly sparse.  I still have areas of clutter (hello vanity table by the front door I’m talking to you) but I now know what my triggers are (bedding, scarves, spring/fall jackets and coats, mugs – ugh!) so I am working to minimize these and not buy anything new in these categories.  Seriously for a person with one bed, one neck, minimal need for multiple mugs in a province where spring/fall lasts for a total of about 10 days I have no need for so many multiples in these areas.

I’m also trying to simplify my facial cleansing/make-up routine.  After a brutal battle trying multiple brands at the dermatologist a colleague recommended the Paula’s Choice brand.  I ordered their Skin Recovery Kit and I absolutely LOVE it! No irritation, no break-outs, nothing but improved skin tone.  They definitely have a customer for life with these great products.  The need for make-up has been greatly reduced by the improvement in my skin.  I’m just using Nars blush in Orgasm, Benefit Roller Lash mascara and L’Oreal Infallible lippy in Timeless Rose (this stuff’s the bomb – stays on all day!) most days which is quick and easy-peasy in the morning before work.  I’ve recently added this L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush on the recommendation of a friend who has a beauty blog and I’m feeling pretty damn fancy – me and my glittery lids! Woot!

That’s about it for now – here’s a gratuitous happy dog photo until next time…

Ice cream!!! Happy Spring!!

Ice cream!!! Happy Spring!!

Welcome to 2015!! Achoo!!

So I had a lovely long staycation of 12.5 days over the holidays where my intent was to purge and clean and paint the entire house.  A fabulous idea in premise but what actually happened was a flu, then a cold, with a few days of painting in between and not much organizing at all.  Boo.  Ah well as my sister said on the phone yesterday it’s not like I have a deadline so the work will resume once this horrendous cold is gone.

I painted the living room and dining room a lovely light grey Sherwin-Williams Grayish ( with the hall and kitchen two shades darker in Sherwin-Williams Proper Gray (

It’s a very blue-grey so very different from the khaki I had before.  Seems to bring out the gold of the floor more but I still don’t love the red leather sectional with it.  I painted my bedroom Sherwin-Williams Spa ( which is a bright aqua and so far it makes me irrationally happy to wake up surrounded by this colour.  Not so happy to be stuck in here sick and with newspaper on the window because I haven’t had the energy to drag in the ladder and put the curtain rod up, but it will have to do for now.  Big plans waylaid by little germs as always!

I also painted two items of furniture – one a sideboard of sorts and another an upholstered chair – before and after photos to follow in another post.

I’ve continued my reading on minimalism and I will be trying some strategies to reduce some of the stuff I have.  One is to move all of my clothes onto a rolling garment rail in the spare room and then only return them to my closet once I have worn them.  If they aren’t worn during the season then out they go!  I have also been working on weeding out some of my more “interesting” lounge-wear – a.k.a. ratty pajamas.  I’m sure my neighbours and the mail person would super appreciate me not being outside or answering the door in the majority of my “lounging” outfits.

I think the best thing I can do to start off the new year is to count everything I have and divide it into categories.  I know I have too much but too much of what is my question.  I’ll start that way – out myself for all to see and then I’ll go from there.


I started writing this blog to talk about my footwear, and potentially about some of the things I was wearing – but to be truthful the concept really never spoke to me.  I tried to keep on top of posting, but in reality I had nothing to say.  I never felt good about talking about my shoes when there are so many other more important things in the world to talk about.

I have been an avid reader of lifestyle, style and health blogs but I was never sold on the crazy consumerism these blogs supported.  I am still in awe of some of the budgets people have for their clothing and how much they purchase – regardless if it is second hand or designer.  One woman posted what she had purchased since September and it was more than I had bought in the two previous years, and everything was designer so it was thousands of dollars worth of clothing!  She was purporting the concept of a “minimalist wardrobe” but was completely entrenched in the idea that she just had to buy the right items to make her happy with what she had.  This struck me as counterintuitive – that one must keep buying to become a minimalist…

So I was at a crossroads.  I really wanted to blog, but I needed to find something that really spoke to me.  I am not sure but I think I have finally found something I want to support.  I have been doing a lot of reading about minimalism and finding ways to being happy and content with less.  Truth is my stuff, my things, my more appropriately named baggage drove me crazy.  It was too much.  It was an exercise in finding storage in the house, shifting stuff when I was trying to find something important, ending up with mounds of laundry because I just had so many sheets and towels. Arg! It made me want to pull my hair out!!

I came across this book by Marie Kondo called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – she’s a bit crazy-pants but it was the first book that really spoke to my heart.  So I went a little crazy – I started one Sunday morning and I went so nuts that I requested a holiday day for the Monday and just kept on going.  Everything was moved, organized, washed and donated.  I’ve been going for about a month now and I’m making some big headway.  Don’t get me wrong – my house didn’t look like an episode of Hoarders or anything like that.  There was just too much.  Too much of everything.  Like I was stockpiling for a zombie apocalypse or doomsday prepping.  I was clearly a “just in case” woman.  No one needs that much.  Seriously.

Seeing as I have no following and no one reads this but me, I decided to change the theme and change the name of the blog.  I am now a “recovering” shoeoholic – I’m selling my Fluevogs to prove it!  I will never have the bare house of a true minimalist because I like comfort and I love art and plants and pets, but I invite you to accompany me in my recovery.  I am on a journey to less and I can use all of the support and encouragement I can get!


Hello my name is Linda and I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

I took the week off as a “stay-cation” in hopes to get some much needed organizing done in my home but the week seems to have just zoomed by.  I’ve had a lot of fun and strangely I’ve done more cooking than anything else.  I have started the household re-org (which explains the random shelving unit in the middle of my living room…) but really need to get a move on if I expect to have it done by the end of day Sunday.

Now that I have a decent camera I’ve decided to try selling some of my things on eBay to make some extra money.  I’m attempting to organize things into sell, donate and toss piles but I’m completely overwhelmed.  I’m by no means a hoarder but I feel like I’ve seriously lost control.  My dream would be to have someone come in and do this all for me – where’s that Peter Walsh dude when I need him??

In addition to the pain of merely organizing all of my crap, I’ve had to contend with a crazy puppy weaving in and out around my ankles and trying to chew on everything in the room.  Felix was completely out of hand this week, especially his peeing in the house, so he ended up in doggy jail for a couple of days.  This was by no means a maximum security incarceration, more of a Conrad Black or Martha Stewart level of punishment.  In other words he was confined to the downstairs bathroom with all of his toys but without me.

I have 50 gajillion things left to do and only 3 days and 2 arms to do them with (PLUS houseguests on the weekend!).  Pray for me.  Nah never mind praying for me, pray for Peter Walsh to magically appear at my door, because I’m going to need all the help I can get!!

New year, new commitment?

OK so all of 2010 went by with only 2 posts.  How sad.

2011 began and once again I got all worked up and made the commitment to blog more in 2011, blah, blah, blah.  Notice the date.  Dead last day in January and this is the first post of 2011.  Again sad, but with one post I’m 50% as successful as I was last year.  Glass half full.  It’s all in how you spin it!

So this year as part of my self-imposed 12 step program for my shoe addiction I decided to participate in the Great American Apparel Diet or GAAD.  No it’s not about only buying some heinous American Apparel crap for a year, it’s a commitment to eliminate new apparel from my diet for one year.  I have realized that I not only have enough clothing and shoes, I have way too much.  Alternately I also have a limited budget that I would much rather use for traveling, or coffee drinking, or buying a new bicycle, or more likely putting a new roof on my house.  It’s been 31 days.  31 painful days but I’ve not bought a stitch since Boxing Day (which is Dec. 26th for those outside the Commonwealth) which technically makes it 36 days since my last purchase (can I get a whoot, whoot??)!!

So with all this spare time I have (not shopping and such) I’ve started to foster dogs.  I have 2 of my own and now I have a puppy.  I had two puppies but one managed to find a home shortly after she arrived.  The pup I have left is named Felix and he’s quite the cutie (as the following photo will attest!)

Hello, how cute am I??

Other than puppy care and clearly avoiding blogging I’m also walking my teenage dog Lewis and trying to commit to some sort of exercise regime.  I have a disassembled weight bench and a free-to-me elliptical gathering dust in the basement.  I must get my butt in gear and get exercising as my biggest fear on the GAAD is to grow too fat to wear the clothes I have and consequently not be able to leave the house.

-33C gratuitous dog park photo brrrrrr

Soooooo this pretty much catches me up to present day.  I promise more posts will follow.  Interesting posts with pictures.  Ya, that’s the ticket… more pictures.

The first step…

Finally the big push I need to begin blogging.  I have been a lurker and commenter for so long on everyone else’s blogs it’s about time for me to get my own.  Thanks to the Canadian Women in Communications Digital Media Career Accelerator I have now become a content creator!!