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Fabulous dahling, just fabulous!!!

Today I was thinking a lot about fabulousness/fabulosity/being fabulous.  I thought this might be controversial as my last post was about being happy and I can just imagine people saying “Dang first she’s talking about being happy and now she’s telling us she’s fabulous??  Who does she think she is??”  So let’s just make it clear right this minute that I don’t spend my time sitting around thinking about how fabulous I am… but what if I did?

So what do you think would happen if the next time you got dressed you decided that today was a day you were going to show the world how fabulous you are on the inside, on your outside?  What would happen if, instead of the usual boring work duds you spent extra moment thinking about your outfit and fab’d it up?  I’ll tell you a secret because I did just that this week and the result was amazing!  I’m not talking about just amazing on the outside either… it was amazing on the inside!!

I started on Monday wearing a hot outfit because I had a terrible sleep, and well hell it was Monday after all and they suck just be the mere fact they exist.  I figured that the purple boots would be the only way to drag myself out of my perpetual “I don’t like Mondays” funk.  The thing with rocking purple velvet boots is – you either have to make them the star of the outfit, or you just have to balls out with the whole outfit.  Usually I make them the star, but this week I though “WTF – why not go all balls it out?”, so I did… and it started a trend.

Tuesday I managed a somewhat Mad Men sexy secretary look with my grey Fluevog Operetta Rubinis.  Wednesday I kicked it up a notch with the big guns again (red, Fluevog, fabulous by their very nature) with a black and white houndstooth pencil skirt and a red pea coat.  Thursday I rocked a khaki leather skirt, black turtleneck and the stunning coat with black boots.  Then I couldn’t just leave out Friday so on went a sexy denim pencil skirt, white shirt, black leather vest, black boots and the stunning coat.

I feel the need to add that none of these items were new and none were any different from the previous times I wore them.  The difference was inside me.  I had made the choice to be fabulous this week and I put that on every morning before I put on the clothes.  Funny thing was, I wasn’t the only one who noticed.  I received more compliments this week from my colleagues than I have in the past 4 years – all for clothes/outfits I have worn to the office many times!

The clincher was today when I was on my way to meet an old friend for lunch.  I was walking along minding my own business when a guy I had never seen before actually stopped me on the street and told me “WOW!  You look fabulous!” (and just for the record I’m not talking about an intoxicated gentlemen looking for money – they always tell me I’m a gorgeous lady but I take that with a grain of salt considering the beer goggles and all…).  This well dressed, apparently sober dude stopped me on the street just to tell me I looked fabulous and then he moved on – no pick up line, no request for money, no apparent ulterior motive!  Seriously people you cannot BUY that kind of positive affirmation at any price!!

So what was the difference?  What was the change?  What magic that made me appear different this week from last week?  Was it just me saying to myself on Monday “This week I’m going to be fabulous?”?  Could it really be that easy??

If it is that simple, what would happen if we actually allowed ourselves to be fabulous and bask in the praise we receive for some of the other things in life such as work, raising children, personal accomplishments, whatever?  Instead of being modest and saying “Oh you’re too kind” or “it wasn’t much” or whatever diminishing phrase we insert – what if the next time someone says “Wow!” to something we smile, say “Thank you!”, embrace it and then say to ourselves “Damn rights I’m fabulous – and it shows!”??  Could we handle the magic we might unleash??

Why not try it???

What a difference a week makes.

OK so last weekend was MUCH better than this weekend, in spite of fact the Packers won the Super Bowl (woot, woot!).  I tried to make the best of it by keeping busy and spending a lot of quality time with the dogs but it still kind of sucked…

Because I didn’t really leave the house a great deal, my footwear for the weekend fell basically into 2 categories:

1. Horrendous Birkenstock clogs bought by accident a few years ago – comfy as hell but heinous in appearance.  Let’s face it, they pretty much suck the sexy right out of the room.

Similar to mine but mine were originally pink and patterned and are now dyed black

2. Black shearling boots – somewhat like UGGs but made in Canada with a grippier sole.  No need for a photo as I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the UGG style of boot.

I did manage to bust out my trusty Aldo Jezek’s for a trip to the local casino where my Dad and I hit the buffet for dinner Saturday night.  (Thus providing an glaring example of why last weekend was so much better than this one.  Last weekend romantic dinner, this weekend casino buffet with Dad.  ‘Nuff said.)

Friday I’m in love…and National Wear Red Day to promote Heart Health for Women

Ah Robert Smith, you certainly know the way to a girl’s heart.  After a long tough week there’s nothing I love more than Friday!!  

I didn’t take a picture of my boots today mainly because the temperature rose to +3C and my boots were dirty by the time I got to my bus stop (and I had just polished them – arg!!).  So a product shot will have to do. 

Aldo Jezek

So this is what my black boots from Aldo look like when they are clean and not attached to my feet.

February 4, 2011 is National Wear Red Day to promote Heart Health for Women.  I had actually planned to wear my red Fluevog Operetta Maria boots as my red item, but with all of the slush they didn’t even make it out of their protective storage bag!  I adore my Operetta Maria boots so much I often hesitate to wear them because I am terrified of something happening to them.  They are a delicious candy apple red and a perfect heel height… sigh, but I didn’t get to wear them today.

Blah, blah, blah boots, now let’s get back to the more important issue of heart health.  Please consider the following facts:  
• Women are more likely than men to die of a heart attack or stroke.
• Women are ten times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than from any other disease.
• Women are six times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than from breast cancer. Cardiovascular disease kills more women 65 years of age and older than all cancers combined.
• One in eight women between the ages of 45 and 64 lives with cardiovascular disease.
• One in four women over 65 lives with some form of cardiovascular disease.

Now I realize that there are various hereditary causes of heart disease, however there  some factors we can control to prevent heart disease:
• Stop smoking or being exposed to second hand smoke
• Stop eating high-fat foods (fried foods, luncheon meats, high-fat dairy products, etc.)
• Start eating more high-fibre foods (whole grains or cereals)
• Exercise more than four times a week
• Reduce your weight
• Reduce stress

So today I wore red in memory of my Mom who passed away from a heart attack in Oct. 2007, Mrs. L, beloved mother of my friend Krishna who had a heart attack and bypass surgery this week and my colleague Laurel who had a heart attack and bypass surgery last week.  Please repost any and all of this information as I’m hoping every women has the opportunity to learn about the risks.  My colleague who had the heart attack last week is in her early 50’s.  This isn’t our grandma’s disease anymore ladies, it can be right around the corner unless we take care of ourselves.

Thursday I don’t care about you…

OK so I was a big loser and already forgot to take a picture of my footwear and it’s only my first solid week of posting.  Today I wore my brown Aldo Anelli boots that I purchased on deep discount way back in the spring on my trip to the TdotO.  The main reason I bought them was because they zipped up the entire way when I tried them on.  It was like an Aldo Warehouse miracle – boots almost never zip up on my soccer girl legs without significant stretching!!

Aldo Anelli

They have the same sole as the boots I wore yesterday but they are more strappy on top.  Meh, you’ll see them on my feet sometime soon – they are one of my footwear workhorses because of their sensible grippy sole.  (An essential asset way up here in the land of ice and snow!)

I also did something this afternoon that I swore I would never do again.  Nothing scandalous, but rather unexpected.  I did a contract last year that I vowed I would never, ever repeat, yet somehow I found myself accepting the offer to do it again this year.  (This must be what giving birth feels like – super painful at the moment but the feeling fades with time…).  I know I’ll rue the day I accepted the challenge once again, but I missed the people I worked with and dammitall my house needs a new roof and my poor soul needs a hot holiday, so the extra money will come in handy…

Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too…

You know it’s a craptastic week when you’re already humming “Friday I’m in Love” on Wednesday afternoon…

Today’s footwear choice was brought to you by a misinformed weather prediction.  The CBC and Environment Canada predicted a high of -13C today (which to the rest of the world might seem insanely cold but in my city that’s a nice day!) yet somehow it managed to stay in the -20’sC because of a wicked windchill.  I normally swath myself completely in down and shearling for my trek to work, but today anticipating a balmy -13C I wore skinny jeans tucked into unlined leather boots.  Cute, but not nearly warm enough (Brrrrrr – icicle toes!)

Business in the front..

Biker on the side...

I like these boots but I’m not in love.   I bought them on deep discount at Aldo just before Xmas 2010.  I consider these my “placeholder” boots until I can afford to buy the much coveted Fluevog Bondgirls *sigh*…  “Some day my prince will come” and clearly my prince is John Fluevog and he’ll arrive bearing his complete ladies line and all my favourites from seasons of yore… *double sigh*.

False start… whoops!

OK so the initial enthusiasm I had for my blog faded when I returned home to Winnipeg and became insanely busy for 2 solid months.  On a positive note I did however acquire a fantastic pair of sandals (at full price) and 2 pairs of boots (on DEEP discount) while in Toronto so at the very least I was happy to look down at my feet and appreciate my purchases!

Being insanely busy also meant that my ability to maintian my healthy lifestyle also met with a few “speedbumps”.  OK if I’m being honest there were several times when it actually came to a crashing halt (I had a slurpee and cheetos for lunch one day – aieee!!!)   I’m back to walking 7kms every night and eating close to the source (as opposed to processed crap).

I’m back at it with a new and improved attitude – blogging all the way!!  I hope to post this weekend about the fabulous Winnipeg Folk Festival – what I wore on my feet and what I ate, oh and maybe even some stuff about the actual music – can’t wait!!  Woo hoo!!