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Fabulous dahling, just fabulous!!!

Today I was thinking a lot about fabulousness/fabulosity/being fabulous.  I thought this might be controversial as my last post was about being happy and I can just imagine people saying “Dang first she’s talking about being happy and now she’s telling us she’s fabulous??  Who does she think she is??”  So let’s just make it clear right this minute that I don’t spend my time sitting around thinking about how fabulous I am… but what if I did?

So what do you think would happen if the next time you got dressed you decided that today was a day you were going to show the world how fabulous you are on the inside, on your outside?  What would happen if, instead of the usual boring work duds you spent extra moment thinking about your outfit and fab’d it up?  I’ll tell you a secret because I did just that this week and the result was amazing!  I’m not talking about just amazing on the outside either… it was amazing on the inside!!

I started on Monday wearing a hot outfit because I had a terrible sleep, and well hell it was Monday after all and they suck just be the mere fact they exist.  I figured that the purple boots would be the only way to drag myself out of my perpetual “I don’t like Mondays” funk.  The thing with rocking purple velvet boots is – you either have to make them the star of the outfit, or you just have to balls out with the whole outfit.  Usually I make them the star, but this week I though “WTF – why not go all balls it out?”, so I did… and it started a trend.

Tuesday I managed a somewhat Mad Men sexy secretary look with my grey Fluevog Operetta Rubinis.  Wednesday I kicked it up a notch with the big guns again (red, Fluevog, fabulous by their very nature) with a black and white houndstooth pencil skirt and a red pea coat.  Thursday I rocked a khaki leather skirt, black turtleneck and the stunning coat with black boots.  Then I couldn’t just leave out Friday so on went a sexy denim pencil skirt, white shirt, black leather vest, black boots and the stunning coat.

I feel the need to add that none of these items were new and none were any different from the previous times I wore them.  The difference was inside me.  I had made the choice to be fabulous this week and I put that on every morning before I put on the clothes.  Funny thing was, I wasn’t the only one who noticed.  I received more compliments this week from my colleagues than I have in the past 4 years – all for clothes/outfits I have worn to the office many times!

The clincher was today when I was on my way to meet an old friend for lunch.  I was walking along minding my own business when a guy I had never seen before actually stopped me on the street and told me “WOW!  You look fabulous!” (and just for the record I’m not talking about an intoxicated gentlemen looking for money – they always tell me I’m a gorgeous lady but I take that with a grain of salt considering the beer goggles and all…).  This well dressed, apparently sober dude stopped me on the street just to tell me I looked fabulous and then he moved on – no pick up line, no request for money, no apparent ulterior motive!  Seriously people you cannot BUY that kind of positive affirmation at any price!!

So what was the difference?  What was the change?  What magic that made me appear different this week from last week?  Was it just me saying to myself on Monday “This week I’m going to be fabulous?”?  Could it really be that easy??

If it is that simple, what would happen if we actually allowed ourselves to be fabulous and bask in the praise we receive for some of the other things in life such as work, raising children, personal accomplishments, whatever?  Instead of being modest and saying “Oh you’re too kind” or “it wasn’t much” or whatever diminishing phrase we insert – what if the next time someone says “Wow!” to something we smile, say “Thank you!”, embrace it and then say to ourselves “Damn rights I’m fabulous – and it shows!”??  Could we handle the magic we might unleash??

Why not try it???


Little Miss Glass Half Full!

For some unknown reason I started the day at 4 am.  I woke up incredibly happy that it was the weekend and even though it was the middle of the night I could just roll over and go back to sleep, and most importantly sleep in… and then I realized it was Tuesday… wah wah…

At the bus stop this morning I ended up waiting for the bus with a woman I’d never seen before.  We weren’t talking but we both turned at the same time to watch a car turn the corner dragging something along underneath it.  She looked at me and said “That can’t be good.” to which I replied without thinking “I hope it’s not a body.”.  She turned to look at me with an amused expression and I added “Well we do live in the hood…” which she found hysterically funny and said “Well aren’t you Little Miss Glass Half Full today!” and we spent the rest of our time waiting for the bus giggling!

All day I couldn’t get this out of my head and I decided that although my earlier comment about the body doesn’t really reflect it, I actually am Little Miss Glass Half Full.  I know it may be obnoxious to some but I’ve decided to embrace the title, grab the tiara and wear the sash.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Pollyanna or Mary Sunshine but on the whole I’d generally say I’m a fairly happy individual.

I think what makes me a happy individual is perspective, one of the greatest gifts I have received.  I’ve had some really difficult times in my life but I’ve also travelled extensively in developing countries and have seen what difficult times truly means.  I have experienced losing someone I loved to murder, drug overdose, suicide and accidents.  Although I won’t ever forget the pain of these losses and I don’t want to minimize them in any way, they really do put into perspective the meaning of a “bad day”.  A bad day is a day when you lose someone you love.  A bad day is not when your hair doesn’t turn out or you miss the bus or you spill coffee or some jerk cuts you off or someone just does something that pisses you off or any of the hundreds of potential events that people use to define their version of a bad day.

This totally doesn’t mean I go through life never being angry, lonely, hurt or frustrated – trust me, I have at times deserved a sash and tiara for all of those titles as well!  What perspective has given me though is the guts and tenacity to fight for what I believe in and to stand up when it may be uncomfortable to unpopular to do so.

As with everything positive, there is also a negative side to the gift.  I am easily frustrated with people’s behaviour when they are petty, selfish or ungrateful.  I’m never sure what the pay off is for someone being consistently impossible to deal with or someone purposefully making my job/life harder by their selfish behaviour.  Rather than being frustrated I try to look at these people through a different lens.  Right or wrong I automatically think they must have had a wonderful life, where the most important person is themselves and they have never experienced anything big enough or awful enough to make them grateful for what they have.  Sarcastic?  Definitely.  Incorrect?  Possibly.  But if someone could explain to me the pay off for treating other people poorly I’d appreciate it as I’d love to add this knowledge to my perspective lens.

On a completely different note, of course I couldn’t speak of being grateful without mentioning my second pair of Fluevog boots.  I am incredibly grateful to own a few pairs of this wonderful footwear, two of which are tall boots.  I previewed the lovely red pair of Fluevog Operetta Maria’s in this post.  Today I pulled out and polished my gorgeous grey Fluevog Operetta Rubini’s and took them out for a spin.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of we actually wearing them because I left work in a hurry because I had to get home for an appointment with a gas meter reader.  I was running late and forgot to snap a photo before I changed into jeans as I didn’t want the meter guy to think I spend my time hanging around my house all fancy like that!

Anyway without further ado may I present a stock photo of Fluevog Operetta Rubini’s in grey:

Fluevog Operetta Rubini

Seriously, with boots like these on my feet how could I be anything but grateful?